How To Use Text Messaging On Your Google Listing

Today pretty much everyone prefers texting over calling. Google understands this. Therefore, they added a new feature to their Google My Business platform that allows people to text a business as opposed to calling them.
Google My Business Message Feature

Here is how you can turn this feature on for your company:

How To Turn On Google My Business Chat

This is a real simple 4 step process. Two prerequisites: 1) you must have verified your Google My Business listing – and – 2) your phone must be able to receive text messages. If you meet both qualifications proceed below.

1) Login to Google My Business And Turn On Messaging

To turn on the messaging feature, log into your Google My Business listing. Scroll down until you find the Chat feature. Click the blue “Turn on Messaging” button.

Turn on Google Chat

2) Enter & Verify Your Phone Number

You will be prompted to enter your phone number*. Do it and click next. Google will text the number you just entered with a verification code. Enter the code to verify the number.

*Again, make sure your phone can receive SMS messages.

Verify Your Phone Number for Messaging

3) Turn On Chat & Set Welcome Message

Once your phone number is verified, make sure that chat is set to “On”. Create a welcome message that will be auto-sent to customers after they have messaged you.

Google Chat is "On" and Enter Welcome Message.

4) Click “Save” & You’re Done

Hit the “Save” button once you’ve finished your welcome message. You can now receive texts from your Google My Business Listing.

Need Help Or Have Questions?

Feel free to contact us today! We have extensive experience with Google My Business listings and would be happy to help setup text messaging for your business.