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Founding Story & Mission

St. Louis Digital Media was founded in 2012 focused on a mission to drive real digital marketing results for small to medium-size businesses, caring about customers as people, and delivering quality work.

Before starting St. Louis Digital Media, I was a digital media consultant for a few companies offering internet marketing solutions to local businesses. After about 5 years, it became clear that the majority of digital marketing companies are not interested in providing real customer value. They are interested in taking advantage of customers who lack digital marketing knowledge and are shifting traditional advertising dollars to a digital strategy. Customers pay exorbitant prices for subpar products and services with very little return.

I felt compelled to flip the formula by focusing on building long-term customer relationships and driving real results. If we could do this well, revenue and growth would follow organically.

To get started, I volunteered my digital marketing services to a couple of friends who owned small businesses. Our partnership provided the opportunity to develop solutions that provide real business results. With the success formula proven out, it was time for me to take the leap and launch St. Louis Digital Media.

Since then, our business has grown year-over-year through referrals, word-of-mouth and using our own proven digital marketing methods. Today, St. Louis Digital Media serves customers located throughout the US & Canada with a team of service-minded people committed to pursuing the mission by living up to these values every day:

Create Real Customer Value

  • Do what it takes to drive real results for the customer.
  • Get to know customers personally. Care about them as people.
  • Be responsive and accountable for great customer service.

Challenge the Work

  • Challenge to improve yourself, the team, and the process. Find a way.
  • Practice honest straight-talk. Be coachable. Welcome and use critique.
  • Own mistakes, fix them, learn from them, move on.

Appreciate the Work

  • Appreciate doing the work, not just the end result.
  • Preparation before execution. Trust the process.
  • Do your best to bring 100%, all day every day. Focus on what you can control.

Work as a Team

  • Attitude, character, dependability, grit, and consistency outweigh talent.
  • Build positive, real-world relationships with co-workers and clients. Clients are teammates too.
  • Be welcoming. Create an environment where people can be themselves and succeed.
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Kyle ODonnell
President, St. Louis Digital Media

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Here are a few of the 240+ businesses and organizations who trust our services.

Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill
Helen Fitzgeralds
Crazy Bowls and Wraps
Rottler Pest Solutions
Washington Smiles
Padberg, Corrigan & Appelbaum
99.1 Joy FM
590 the Fan
Sit Means Sit Dog Training
Dream Play Recreation
New City School
Mesa Moving
St. Louis Heart and Vascular
Number 1

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