Social Media Marketing

Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

Why is Social Media Marketing important? That is where your customers are! With the number of social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, etc.), social media marketing is now an integral part of any business’s marketing plan. You may find it hard to compete without a voice and personality on social media. We can help you engage with your existing customers and gain new customers through our social media campaign.

Engaging Your Existing Customers

All of your current customers are on social media everyday. Chances are that people are already talking about your business on social media. This is your chance to engage with your customers by creating a social media community within your clientele. Engaging with your consumers online has many benefits.

  • Establish Your Company Presence: Your customers are looking for you, so establish yourself on different avenues of social media.
  • People Talk: Your customers are talking about your business and you can engage with them by listening to them, addressing their concerns, and simply having a conversation with them.
  • Brand Awareness: Give your brand a personality and a voice on social media.
  • Remarketing: All of your social media posts and pages link back to your website which reels your customers back in for more of your services or products.
  • Build Trust: People rating and talking about your business on social media are testimonials that help build trust between you and your market.
  • Promote & Upsell: Get the word out to your buyers by promoting your specials and advertising through social media. If your followers “like” or “share” the content, then your promotion can reach potential new customers.

Tapping Into Potential New Customers

Through social media, engaging with your existing followers allows you to reach potential new customers. This is one of the things that makes social media marketing unique from other forms of marketing. We know exactly when and how to reach the most new customers at the lowest cost to you. We use Google Analytics Social to evaluate the promotions and advertisements to ensure that your business is getting the greatest return on investment (ROI) possible. Potential new customers are reached in several different ways.

  • Growing Your Online Community: Increasing your business’s awareness and followers generates a greater reach of advertising by tapping into “friends” of “followers” and then their “friends.” The reach is exponential.
  • “Likes” and “Shares”: When someone “likes” or “shares” your content then that information is shared with all of his or her “friends” and “followers.”
  • Promote and Boost: Boosting your posts helps you reach potential new customers quickly through your current “followers.” Promoting your content can help you reach and target certain demographics that you cannot reach through your existing “followers.”
  • Search Engine Optimization: Utilizing social media aids your business’ search engine optimization (SEO) and SEO allows you to reach another audience outside of social media. There has been much controversy on whether or not social media affects SEO. Google and Bing both admitted that social media influences search results. SEO is our speciality, and combined with our social media marketing skills, it creates a synergy that is sure to set your business up for success. SEO and social media work together in different ways.
    • Buzz: Creating a “buzz” on social media can attract people to your website and increase your click-through rate that will aid your SEO.
    • Links: Social Media is a great source for generating quality links that influence your SEO.
    • Quality: Often times, quality content is added to your website with the sole intention of being shared on social media. Quality content is great for SEO.

    We are driven by goals and results. Above are just a few points as to why every business should be utilizing social media marketing in St Louis. St. Louis Digital Media offers several different Social Media Marketing options based on your business goals/needs.

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