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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising is a quick way to get your business at the top of the search results if you are willing to pay for clicks to your website or calls to your business.

Important Note:

On July 24th, 2018, Google AdWords changed its name to Google Ads. The new Google Ads brand represents the full range of campaign types available, including Search, Display, and Video ads.

For the purposes of this page (and site), we continue to refer to Google's Search Ads as Google Adwords because that is still what most people call it.

Pay-Per-Click Overview

Pay-Per-Click Ads are typically displayed at the top of the organic search results (aka free clicks section). The most common form of Pay-Per-Click Advertising is Google AdWords.

What is Google AdWords?

AdWords is an online auction where you bid on a specific set of keywords and pay a specified price whenever your ad is clicked. When your ad is clicked, the searcher will land on your website (or call your business) and you will be charged for that click. Sounds simple, right? Whoever pays the most gets the top position? Not exactly. There is a lot more to it than that. If you are unaware of how AdWords actually works, you could end up paying more per click than necessary.

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Why Do You Need Help Managing AdWords?

Google AdWords is not as simple as whoever pays the most gets the top spot.

The AdWords ad auction is a lot more complicated than whoever is willing to pay the most gets the top spot. Your ad is positioned based on your Ad Rank, which is a value that AdWords uses to determine your ad position or even if your ad will be shown at all. Your Ad Rank is determined by 3 factors:

  1. Maximum Bid: How much you are willing to pay per click.
  2. Quality Score: An estimate of how relevant your ad, keyword, and website are to the person who sees your ad.
  3. Impact of Ad Formats: Visual enhancements to your ads that more prominently display information about your business, such as your phone number or street address.

The advertiser with the highest Ad Rank gets the top position. See the example below:

AdWords Auction Example

In this example, even though Sue has a lower bid than both Bob and Jane, she will receive the 1st position. Why? Because she has the highest Ad Rank due to her high Quality Score and Format Impact.

Jane receives the 2nd position and Tom the 3rd.

Due to Bob’s low Quality Score and Formats Impact, his Ad Rank is so low that his Ad will not be shown even though he has the highest bid.

So let's put this in perspective. A high Quality Score and Formats Impact can:

  • Increase your ad position
  • Decrease your cost-per-click
  • Decrease your cost-per-conversion

Do you know what your Quality Scores are? Are you using Ad Formats?

If you don't know or are unsure contact us for a free AdWords consultation.

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