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Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill

St. Louis Digital media has been a great choice for the SEO needs of many aspects of Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill. Kyle and his team made the process simple and easy to maximize value for the existing Hotshots customers and has really expanded the awareness to new potential franchisee’s throughout the country. Through a process of SEO site optimization techniques and a top Google AdWords campaign, Kyle and his staff helped us expand our reach and lead the way in our SEO strategy. I could not recommend Kyle O’Donnell and his company highly enough as their service is only surpassed by their knowledge in the industry.

Justin Boyd, Director of Marketing
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Ces & Judy's Catering

We have been working with St. Louis Digital Media for over a year. They helped us update our website get it on the correct platform, correct problems created when the website was first set up. We have seen an increase in traffic and click throughs which have resulted in an increase in business. It is difficult for us to track exact dollars of business because our business comes from so many different sources, but we have seen a general increase in traffic.

Been easy to work with and always accommodating.

Cecily Hoffius, President
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I have really enjoyed working with St. Louis Digital Media on both our organic and pay per click SEO campaigns for Cubicle.com. What I really appreciate is that their work is clearly documented in the monthly reports that we receive, which gives us insight into what strategies and changes were most successful in increasing our site traffic.

Liz Lohman
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Dream Play Recreation

St. Louis Digital Media has done an outstanding job of revamping our website to make it more mobile and Google friendly. We were not ranked very high previously and this effort has put our company on the 1st page of Google in all our search categories. We could not be happier!

Tim Albers
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Chesterfield Sports Fusion

As a small business owner, I know that my online presence and social media effectiveness play a critical role in the overall success of my business.

However, I learned early on that it is a vast cyber world that can be complex and is ever changing. As soon as I thought I had something figured out and working well, it would tank and be completely useless. After spending countless hours of effort trying to figure this stuff out, I came to the conclusion that it is a full-time job and futile for me to try keeping up with it. Of course I was receiving several solicitations a day from people who promised to make my website number one in my industry and take care of all our social media, but how do you know if you can trust them? You really don’t and by the time you figure out they are useless you have already spent a lot of money and wasted a lot of precious time. Even now that my site is number one organically, I still get emails telling me how they can make it better!

By sheer luck I received a call from St. Louis Digital Media several years ago asking if I needed help with my website and of course the honest answer was yes, but I did not tell them that. They offered me a great deal and delivered all that they said they would. St. Louis Digital Media has now been managing our website and Adwords campaigns for two years and we have been very pleased. In addition to monitoring the performance of our site, they helps us keep it safe from outside attacks and are always available to answer any questions we have for them. It is so nice to have a company who is dedicated to staying up to date with all of the latest changes and evolutions in this area and is located right here in St. Louis. They takes pride in their profession and work tirelessly to make sure their clients get what they pay for. I would highly recommend their services and feel that they are one vendor that actually provides us with exceptional value.


Greg Hoffmann
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Hess Meat Machines

I would like to congratulate St. Louis Digital Media on their success working with our company on marketing our website through the pay per click program. We just launched our 3rd website and they were very helpful in helping us with the development of this new site. It is much more Google friendly. The site has also been written in Word Press to enhance the performance on the organic side.

We started with St. Louis Digital Media about a year ago and have been very happy with their work. Communication has been the key in working with St. Louis Digital Media. They taught us all about Google analytics and at the same time they have learned all about how our business works and about the specialized products that we sell and service.

This communication is essential in developing our key words and working with the demographics to drill down to our specific customers. We can now do a quick monthly review by phone with Kyle and our team will know exactly where we are at with our websites performance. We will continue to track and dial in our site with Kyle and St. Louis Digital Media. I would recommend Kyle and his company to my best customers but not to my competitors.

Dick Hess
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My Brand Promo, Inc.

We have been working with St. Louis Digital Media for about two years. Kyle (Owner) has been very helpful in redesigning our site. Visitors to the site  state that its a “Fun and Happy” site, which is what we were after. We were also after increased traffic and to increase our SEO. Following their advice we have more traffic than ever and we rank #1 in St. Louis in 8 important categories. We wholeheartedly recommend St. Louis Digital Media for your web needs.

Dave Helfrich, Owner