St. Louis Digital Media Is Now A Google Certified Partner

Credentials Verified By Google

St. Louis Digital Media is now Google AdWords Certified Partner

St. Louis Digital Media is proud to announce that we are now a Google Certified Partner!

Google describes the Partner Certification as:

… A globally recognized stamp of approval which showcases knowledge of the latest AdWords tools and best practice techniques and will enable you to effectively manage AdWords campaigns.

This is not a certification Google hands out freely. In fact in order to reach the Google Company Partner status, your company must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Managed at least $10,000 spend over 90 days via a My Client Center Account.
  • Have at least one individually certified adwords professional employee. To become individually certified, you must pass two certification exams – a fundmental exam and an advanced exam -. These exams must be retaken annually to retain certification.
  • Company must demostrate a high level of Customer Service and Adwords Best Practices (a measure of how effectively a company is using their knowledge of Google Partner programs). High performance and service keeps customers happy!

If you are interested in learning more about our Adwords and/or other internet marketing programs feel free to contact us today!