Google Local Search Results Update: August 2015

You may or may not have noticed, but on August 6, 2015 Google started changing the way some of the local search results appeared on Google. By the morning of August 7, 2015 all of Google’s local search results were changed… so what is the difference? And will this impact your business?

Before the Google Local Change: Up to 7 Listings

Prior to August 6th, Google’s local search results would show up to 7 local business listings; listed A – F with their name, address, phone, ratings and reviews, etc… You’ve seen them before:

Google Local 7 Pack Search Results

After the Google Local Change: Up to 3 Listings

Today, Google’s local search results only show up to 3 local business listings:

Google Local 3 Pack Search Results

The Impact: Going from 7 to 3 Listings Will Crush Some Local Businesses.

This is obvious. If your business was listed D – F before you may not get as many visits, calls, leads, sales, etc. because you may no longer be visible on the 1st page of the search results for your bread-and-butter search terms.

If you fall into this category I recommend reading on how Google determines who ranks where on the local search results or contacting us for a free consultation. We have helped several local businesses throughout the US maintain a top Google search position for years (like the example above).