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Sit Means Sit Dog Training is a pet service franchise headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. With over 130 locations throughout the United States, Sit Means Sit is recognized as one of the top 500 franchises of 2018 by Entrepreneur.

Project Overview

After creating independent websites for ~10 of the individual franchise owners, we were contracted by the Sit Means Sit Corporate office to build a new website for each one of their franchise locations.

The Challenge

With over 100 different sites that needed to be created for over 100 franchise owners, this project was going to be a challenge. Furthering that challenge was the fact that the training programs and services differ from franchise-to-franchise. Meaning the content provided by each franchise owner would be different from franchise-to-franchise.

On top of that, each website needed to maintain a professional, brand-matching appearance, while being scalable across several variables such as the number of training programs, staff members, videos, etc.

Lastly, each franchise owner would need the ability to make the bulk of the website changes on their own; without coding knowledge.

The Solution

After extensive fact finding, we created a design that would fit each of the franchise owners’ website content needs and, at the same time, maintain the desired professional appearance.

In order to streamline workflow, content delivery and organization, we created an online form that allowed each franchise owner to submit their content online. By doing so, we avoided the confusion of back-and-forth emails and/or sharing files over cloud services.

From there, we built out, tested, and launched each site. Then, we created training documentation and videos so each franchise owner could edit their sites on their own.

From contract-to-finish, this entire project was completed in roughly 6 months.

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